Solid Waste Management

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Solid Wastes Management

BASURA, GARBAGE, GOMI, ORDURES, AFVAL, SPAZZATURA— whatever people call it, solid waste is a problem that must be properly managed. While it is generally understood that proper waste management helps protect human health and the environment and preserve natural resources, many do not realize that solid waste also impacts climate change. The manufacture, distribution, and use of products—as well as the disposal of the resulting waste—all result in emissions of atmospheric gases called “greenhouse gases” that affect the Earth’s climate. When organic waste decomposes in landfills and uncontrolled dumps, it produces methane, one of the major greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, however, through proper Solid Waste Management. Waste will always be around while human subsist. It is just a matter of proper waste disposal along with a little care and a kick of initiative to give resolution to this undying problem.

What is Solid Wastes Management?

Solid Waste Management is a well-bred terminology that refers to garbage or trash management. As long as humans have been living in settled communities, improper waste management has always been an issue. Industrialized nations can generate pounds of solid waste per consumer thus making it a big problem for the world’s undying waste destitution. Waste problem being one of the foremost and mounting problems in other countries have been hazardous not only on human’s health but also causes depletion for lands which is why solid waste management was generated. It is a system for handling all of the world’s trash, be it municipal waste collection, recycling programs, dumps and incinerators. Since human cities began to be more rigorous, solid waste management became a serious matter and for a reason, some industrialized nations today, solid waste management is a multimillion dollar business. Yes, Millions from trash! Most cities require citizens to disburse for waste collection to live up with the goal of garbage reduction. Solid Waste management is also focused on developing environmentally sound methods of handling garbage. There are lots of methods proposed in order to have proper waste management but few of which are no longer wanted like recycling. There are processes now which are more acceptable and does not t fit in anymore like recycling, for we all know not everything can be recycled. Nevertheless it may reduce the amount of waste but still fall on the band end solution denominator. Governments around the world have become aware that fast solutions to waste management that relies on landfills and incineration (burning of waste) cannot offer a sustainable solution in a world with growing population. Not to mention the negative impacts it may cause to the atmosphere. Nevertheless there are technologies invented which diminishes waste in a cost-effective manner without polluting the environment like Gasification technology.

a. Methods of Waste Disposal and how each method works

The Life Cycle of Garbage (Waste)

* The Flow Chart shows that it can be the source of Energy if the garbage is properly disposed. And there also a method for disposing solid wastes, you can adopt a number of methods like compost, landfill and burning.

* Compost
You can create compost in your own house, especially to dispose of organic wastes. Ideally this should be in everyone's homes as there are a lot of wastes like branches and leaves which can be disposed of. More importantly compost is beneficial for the environment as unnecessary refuse is not dumped into a landfill. Methane is created by organic matter if you put them in landfills, which in turn adds to the greenhouse gases thereby causing global warming. Rather than throwing away leaves and other household organic matter if you use them as compost, soil is replenished thereby reducing cost of land reclamation. * Landfill

If you can't recycle...
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