Solid Waste

Topics: Recycling, Waste management, Landfill Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Description and Problems

SUBJECT: Municipal Solid Waste Descriptions and Problems


The Municipal Solid Waste is based in 4 main components that are recycling, composting, landfilling and waste-to-energy that is mainly done by burning the waste. This is known as materials of no longer being of value and is thrown out for disposal. Waste is handled and separated into different containers which are divided into solids, plastics and paper mainly. There are different types of Waste Handling starting back in the 50’s into open dumps, In the 70’s landfills where made but created health problems as well as air pollution and gases and now we have new technologies and legislation to better the way of the waste. There have been divisions of the waste created better known as recycling all plastics, cans, and paper. This reduces the contaminants that are released to the air that produce the plastic and the others. Mainly all are recycled and reused, placed thru a recycling machine that makes this trash usable again.

Open Dumps are mainly known as landfills created to throw out the trash that is collected from the area or location. This causes major gases that can be turn and use as electricity but has major effects to the health, also the smell that creates. This is the main way used to throw out trash in Puerto Rico. There are several Open Dumps Thru out the Island and even a mile away and you can smell the gases and the stink created by the trash. In here is not been used for any type of energy and the recycling plant are very limited. Puerto Rico is very behind with the implementation of Recycling dumpsters of paper and plastic as well as cans. I used to live in Orlando and there we have a different container for cans, paper and plastic. We do this recycling in our office. We recycle all metals, plastics and paper trying to make a better place but when it has to be taken...
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