Human Waste

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  • Published : October 17, 2012
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I want to research about how human waste disposed of in the Arabian Sea affects the lives of Turtles. (I found this link using my Key words Turtles in Arabian Gulf) (I found this link using my keywords UAE human waste)

The solid wastes are considered one of the major problems may confront the urban communities currently. Therefore, scientific studies were concerned to find solutions to this negative phenomenon and adopted sustainable policies to manage and treat the problem of solid wastes in an integrated and proper method. Most of these studies were concentrated on the solid wastes resulted from human activities and the effect of these wastes on soil, land and the health of man. Studies indicated that plastic wastes formed 50% of the total solid wastes on the shores. The number of sea birds which annually die due to these wastes is estimated by one million, in addition to a number of 100,000 from the marine creatures. These Links will help me because I can find useful and reliable information of studies had done by the Gulf countries specialists. The first text covers nesting and location of turtles in UAE and the second text covers the danger of human waste on these creatures. The texts were last updated in 2008 and 2010 which is not so outdated and the texts are easy to understand and analyze. Moreover, in these websites I found a statistics about the number of turtles died by the human wastes in Arabian Gulf. Also I found a list of all types and Quantities of human wastes that were found at the bottom of the Arabian Gulf. There are so many maps, figures, charts and tables of facts about turtles. The 1st link is useful for me because it gives me a figures and maps of the turtle’s places in UAE off shore islands and a study about the Species available and threatens to extinct. The 2nd link is great for my research because it describes the...
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