Solar Fan Cap

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Solar Fan Cap
Energy from the Sun
Focusing on solar energy

An Investigatory Project

Franz Almario
Kim Bañas
Fiona Azura
Camille Dee


This study aimed to found out if solar power can power a fan which can relieve heat from the head by the use of a cap. The energy solar power to chemical energy which is stored in the batteries to wind energy which is the fan to help relieve hotness in the body. The feasibility of a solar fan cap made from cap as a base, solar panels from calculators, and a CPU fan. The cap was cut in the front to place the fan and the solar panels were placed in the topmost portion of the cap.


A solar fan cap can be built from a cap, solar panels and a CPU fan. The person will use the hat in the hot afternoon and turn on the fan for the person’s comfortasbility. The solar panels will charge the batteries and the batteries will power the fan. This project can be easily built by a normal person you just need some time and a good budget. This solar power is an interesting study in the field of science. We have studied this for almost two months.

1. Solar Panels: These panels were used to capture light photons and transform it to electricity. 2. Energy Transmission: Solar Energy to Wind Energy
3. Renewable Energy: Solar Power


General Objective:

This study aims to find out if the sun is enough to power our daily needs and be efficient enough to power the fan which can relieve stress.

Scope and Limitations

This study was conducted for almost 2 months. Development of solar energy materials were continued in order to be more efficient in the future. It is limited to the availability of the sun rays and light photons.

This project is very simple for us students because new is in. So we like to invent new technology and design new type of products for uniqueness.

This cap can be repurpose from fan cap to charger which can charge our daily...
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