Solar Energy for the Valencian Community

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World Economy Assignment

Solar energy for the Valencian Community

7th of January 2013
Group 13


Table of Contents :

Critical Success Factors5
Blockers and Enhancers6
Recommendation for Public Policy7
Conclusion, References & Sources8


The City Council of Valencia asked us to prepare a background paper to define a new plan to attract private investment and to improve business environment in the city.
Valencia is the third biggest city together with Sevilla in Spain with approximately 809,000[1] inhabitants. As we know there are not many rainy days but a lot of sunny days in the area[2]. In and around the Valencian community, there are merely plain areas with barely anything growing on it. We thought that by the help and use of Solar panels we could improve the business environment in the city. With the help of investors and the Community we think that running businesses on green energy is a big step towards the improvement of the business environment. When this occurs, it will automatically attract private investment because nowadays everyone is for a greener planet and greener use of the energy. As mentioned before Valencia has many sunny days and many “deserted” areas and putting solar panels there would be a great idea to improve the business environment.


|Strenghts |Weaknesses | |- Economically sustainable |- Expensive to aquire | |- Environmentally sustainable |- Expensive to maintain | |- Cheaper in the long-run |- Pollution can be a disadvantage to solar panels, as pollution can | |- Subsidies from European Commity of the Regions and National |degrade the efficiency of photovoltaic cells.[3] | |Government |- The national and local economy may not be strong enough to help or| |- Attracts Private investment |finance this project | |- No CO2 Emissions, very economical | | |- Works best in an environment that is not known as ‘hot’ | | |Opportunities |Threats | |- Generate more energy than needed. Surplus of energy that won’t be |- Other companies can come up with alternative ideas that might be | |used, but that can be sold |better and/or cheaper | Critical Success Factors :

Renewable energies beat their brands and generate 30% of electricity in Spain.


On this map we can observe the share of renewables in the electricity balance of countries in the EU and other countries.

As mentioned, Valencia is a city located on the Mediterranean coast and therefore has perfect climatic conditions to use this type of solar energy, since it receives large amounts of solar radiation.

So, if we exploit this type of renewable energy in Valencia, it will favor our economy because of the increase in the production (GDP), more people will be hired and also unemployment will decrease since more people have found a job. Overall it creates jobs and the use of Solar panels is environmentally sustainable. Moreover there will be lots of...
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