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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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On Friday February 03, 2012, we visited Don Egerico Mora Camacho and his wife Cecilia’s ranch. “They own 95 hectares of land, of which 5 hectares, in the lower part of the property, is in organic coffee and 90 hectares, which extend from their house up towards the Caraigres Mountains, is in cattle pastures.” We examined the land use capacity and made an evaluation the class of the soil. Honestly, this was a very interesting project for me because I had never done an experiment like such. Having carried out the measurement of the site parameters in the field I feel that it can be done by ordinary farmers. The farmers have much more knowledge about how their farms and soil work. I had no special training nevertheless knowledge of how farms developed good crops; if I can do it anyone can with the proper material. If a farmer is given or has access to an Eijkelkamp Edelman 120 cm soil auger, Munsell soil color chart, Suunto clinometers, clear plastic tubes, Merck Universalindikator pH 0-14 strips, Map of Costa Rica’s life zones, and tape measure, they will be on a great path. With these materials and the proper orientation, any ordinary farmer can carry out his or her own experiment of the soil effectiveness and the land use capacity. As a team we determined the land use capacity ranking is VII which is (dd88788***). In order to determine this particular ranking we used the thirteen-parameter information in the government’s “Metodologia para la Determinacion de la Capacidad de Uso de las tierras de Costa Rica” book. We commence this project by asking Don Egerico the questions on the handout “The determination of Land use capacity and the evaluation of present Land use at the field site” questions eleven through thirteen. We also referred to the parameter-ranking chart “Paramtros para la evaluacion de la capacidad Del uso de las tierras.” Then we identified our most limiting factor and determined the use capacity ranking. I believe that the slope acted as the...
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