Scope and Sequence

Topics: Sun, Toledo City, Energy Pages: 3 (288 words) Published: March 12, 2013
De La Salle Andres Soriano Memorial College
Don Andres Soriano, Toledo City
School year 2012-2013

Scope and Sequence in Science 3
References: Science and Health Today 3, Rebecca Ronquillo – Fallaria, Science Spectrum 3; Science Links 3

First Periodical

Lesson: The Sense Organ
1. The Eyes
2. The Ears
3. The Nose
4. The Tongue
5. The Skin

Second Periodical

Lesson: Growth and Development
1. Physical Development
2. Factors Affecting One’s Growth
3. Protecting Oneself from Abuse

Third Periodical

Lesson: Animals Around Us
1. Common Animals in the Locality
2. Classifying Animals into Big Groups
3. Comparing Body Parts of Animals Used for Getting Food 4. Describing the Uses of Animals and How to Take care of Them 5. Safety Measures in Caring for Animals

Fourth Periodical

Lesson: Plants Around Us
1. Describing Plant Parts and Their Functions
2. Classifying Plants
3. Plant Propagation
4. Describing the Uses of Plants

Fifth Periodical

Lesson: Understanding Matter
1. Demonstrating That Matter Has Weight
2. Classifying Objects Found at Home

Sixth Periodical

Lesson: Energy
1. Describing Light Energy
2. Demonstrating How Sound Is Produced

Seventh Periodical

Lesson: Force and Motion
1. Interfering That Force Moves Objects

Eight Periodical

Lesson: What is the Earth Made Of?
1. Identifying the Earth’s Natural Resources
2. Describing the Different Kinds of Soil and their Uses
3. Describing the Importance of Water
4. Stating the Importance of Clean and Safe Air

Ninth Periodical

Lesson: What is Weather?
1. Observing the Elements That Affect Weather
2. Identifying the Effects of...
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