Soft Drink Tax

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Soft Drink Tax

I am a very concerned parent because I don’t want my child drinking soft drinks and being unhealthy. My opinion is that they should introduce a soft drink tax to help people. I think if they do introduce a soft drink tax people wont be drinking soft drinks that regularly and will stop buying them.

What responsible parent would put 16 teaspoons of sugar on their child’s cereal? This is what we are letting them consume when we give a child a 600ml soft drink, which contains 16 teaspoons of sugar.

A tax on soft drinks will benefit society and all so obesity. Soft drinks should be a treat not an every day drink. I think because they are so cheap and accessible to people they buy them for a cheap option. This has to change and the soft drink tax will be a huge help. Australians food and nutrition 2012 found 36 per cent of adults are overweight and a further 25 per cent obesity.

I fully support the Cancer Council, Diabetes Australia and the National Heart Foundation of Australia’s call for an inquiry into taxing soft drinks and restrictions on marketing and selling beverages.

I know the tax for soft drinks will help because it has had a big impact in reducing people in buying Tabaco. This is because it has become more expensive due to the tax. I would like the government to also introduce a soft drink ban for schools and promote the drinking of water, which is a much healthier option. I think you are a bloody idiot if you let your child drink these sugary unhealthy drinks. Ask yourself the question do you want you child to have an unhealthy future?
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