Effects of Soda on the Human Body

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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The Effects Drinking Soda Has on the Human Body

Have you ever popped open a can of soda and wondered, “This is delicious! But I

wonder what it could do to my body.” Well, not a lot of people do think that, and only the

people drinking the soda really know why they don’t question it. For many, it’s because

it’s just a drink. What could really happen? For others, it’s because they just don’t care.

But people will care once they know what it can do to your body. These sodas can cause

people to gain weight, allow diseases to occupy their bodies, and even kill them.

However, those negative effects that artificially sweetened soft drinks have on people’s

health can be avoided.

Everybody loves an ice cold can of soda, but what people don’t like, is tooth

decay and early age heart attacks. A study by the Framingham Heart Study in

Massachusetts found that sweetened soft drinks are correlated with increased incidences

of metabolic syndrome, a combination of medical disorders that increase the risk of

cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Other similar studies show that over nine thousand

men and woman were are a 61% higher risk of having a cardiovascular episode, a heart

attack or stroke. There was no significant difference found in the risks between diet and

regular soda, meaning that either types of soda can cause these effects. But what if soda

companies decided to use real sugar?

Many people wonder why soft drink companies don’t use real sugar. Well, it’s time to
answer that question. It’s too expensive to use real sugar. It saves these companies thousands of dollars to use high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar. But what

these corporations don’t seem to mind, is that these sweeteners cause large amounts of

weight gain. Studies in both cattle, and humans show that if a person were to drink 24

ounces of soda every day, they would gain anywhere from ten to seventeen pounds in

only six months. That...
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