Soda Auto Motors: Marketing Assignment

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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Marketing assignment
Cormac Lawler
Skoda Auto Motors
Skoda was founded in 1895 by a mechanic named Václav Laurin and the book-seller Václav Klement, both bicycle enthusiasts, started manufacturing bicycles of their own design ( Skoda Auto website 21/3/11) Motor bikes were the only sort of vehicles with engines as cars would not be invented until 1905. After reading the history of the company on the Skoda site the two Czech inventors of the Skoda motorcycles first automobile was a great success. The architecture of their first car became a Czech classic and soon found themselves in the position to distribute on a widescale. It soon exceeded even a private company and in 1907 the founders of the Company initiated conversion to a joint-stock company. ( Scoda facebook) Scoda as a joint-company continued to excel on a national scale even throughout the world war as it produced engines for the planes and trucks of the armed forces. In 1925 Lauren and Klement joined with Pilsen Skoda Co where together they managed to make new models of cars which were huge successes in the Czech republic and internationally as they were known for their reliability. In 1989 Skoda decided to join forces with another huge automobile company so that they both could secure international competitiveness within the company. In 1990 Skoda motors decided on a joint venture with the German group Volkswagen and began operating in April 16th 1991. ( ). Scoda and Volkswagen together became created cars known for reliability and safety becoming a healthy competitor in their particular market. To this day Scoda cars tend to be a great success in Ireland as they are very popular with farmers and people commuting long distances. In 2000 the company was taken over wholly by the Volkswagen group. I have been promoting Skoda for the last three years and a lot of money is spent on advertising and market research and has been a great success...
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