Sociolohy Unit 4

Topics: Sociology, Religion, Faith Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Sociology essay assignment 4
Critically examine the relationship between different social groups and their religious belief and practice (33 marks)

There are a variety of different social groups in our societies they consist of different classes, ethnics, genders and age groups. In this essay I will compare the different social groups with their religious beliefs and practises. Gender is a highly debatable topic in social groups as most feminists would argue that women are more religious and Miller and Hoffman's findings that women express greater interest in religion and have a stronger personal commitment to religion and attend church more, is agreed by most feminists. Some reasons for this belief that Women are more religious, is because they are socialised to be more passive and caring. These are qualities valued by most religions so it follows that women are more likely than men to be attracted to religion. Other sociologist also agree and say that Women more likely to be attracted to church as a source of gender identity, and Greeley argues that taking care of other family members increases women's religiosity because it involves responsibility for their ultimate welfare and everyday needs. Davie argues that women's closer proximity to birth and death brings them closer to 'ultimate' questions about the meaning of life that religion is concerned with. Bruce believes that women's experiences of bringing up children make them less aggressive and more caring, where men want to achieve, women wish to feel. This fits with emphasis of New Age. Glock and Stark and Stark and Bainbridge argue that people may participate in religion because of life compensators (for social, organismic and ethical deprivation that it offers). Glock and Stark argue these forms of deprivation are more common through women and explain why there is a high level of sect...
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