Sociology of Globalisations

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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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Marxism and Functionalism can be described as 'modernist' theories in society that first emerged in western Europe from about the late 18th century following the industrial revolution and the mass industrialisation of the western world. The ability to mass produce following Fordism and the start of a global market. Postmoderists - Whoms name dervives from a style of arcutecture that used a combination of both old and modern materials in order to achieve the best result. Believe that society is comprised of social constructs and that there is no "Absolute truth" Instead all of societies functions are constructed and continuously moulded by man. a) the rejection of the concept of western history as 'progress' which was there in the sociologies of both functionalism and marx, Postmodernity offers the rejection of 'The grand narrative' or "Meta-Narrative which is replaced by a more dispersed and discontinous set of narratives this means the shift from structuralism (in both Marx and his cocnept of the pol-ec structural base affecting the cultural supersturcture- and functionalism) to post structuralis. The rejection of the concept of science and rationalism as leading to 'truth' about the social world which have been replaced by the model of sociology as always open to both falsification and subjectively based biases in the ideas that are chosen. Weber in particular saw the change to modernity as "The triumph of scientific rationality over the suspersition, tradtion and religious faiths" Postmoderinity is said to be what follows Modernity which is normally assosiated which the Age of Enlightenment, Postmodernity differs from modernity in many ways, Modernists tend to be more objective and invest in an optimistic and stable view of society whereas Postmodernists reject science as a means to an answer and instead subsitute more subjective means of research.Rorty (1980) - scientists have replaced priests as the sources of truth. Science merely helps us answer...
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