Sociology and Disabilities

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  • Published : April 3, 2003
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"If the technology became available for the deaf to hear completely, would you want your deaf child to have this technology?" It is every parent's dream for their child to grow up healthy and happy. There are so many children in the world that do not have the ability to hear, and it is a horrible thing. Many would think it wrong for a parent to not want to give their child the gift of sight. If I had a child that was deaf, I would do everything in my power to help them get their hearing. If the technology was there to fix this disability, why wouldn't anyone want their child to have it? "840 babies are born with a permanent hearing loss every year."(NDCS of UK). This is a horrible number to hear, that so many children will never be able to hear. If there was any technology able to restore a child's hearing it would be a shame if the parents didn't get it. "Deaf children face tremendous difficulties learning to read, write and communicate with the hearing world around them."(NDCS of UK). Not only would you be giving your child the gift of hearing by using this technology, but you will also help child to be able learn on the normal level of other children.

It is also true that we can change and enhance our body features through elective cosmetic surgeries. Many people choose to undergo these surgeries because they are unhappy with their appearance. I feel that these procedures are unnecessary, and that you shouldn't undergo surgery unless you need it for your health. I believe that people go through these procedures purely because they have low self-esteem. Society tells them that there is something wrong with their body, and they feel that they need to change it to fit in. I think that this is a way to see if someone is truly happy with themselves, as we all should. No one is perfect, so no one should try to be it. It's just a waste of time and money on their part all so they can fit in, which I think is pathetic. It is always a risk to undergo...
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