Topics: English Channel, Difference, Ocean Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: November 22, 2011

1) Describe the differences and similarities in texts.
A) The two different texts are similar in the fact that the two people in the texts are crossing over water but different in how they are crossing. One is in a boat on the water and the other is in an armchair with helium filled balloons attached to it so he can fly above the water. Source 2 – ‘Up, up and away- the day that armchair travel really took off’ is a light hearted read of a man that had planned to do something he had always dreamt of. His journey was pleasant and unique with a sense of danger too as the pilot was ill-equipped for a water landing. You can almost feel the excitement as he describes the sailing over the white cliffs of Dover as an ‘exceptional, quiet, peaceful and beautiful experience’. Source 3 – ‘storm at sea’ is a very different and more intense read about a woman who is sailing alone across the Atlantic. The whole read has a feel of uneasiness as it is described how scared and frustrated the woman would have been. There is also a sense of hope that the day will get better but disappointment is obvious when things take a turn for the worse.

B) How the headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text in ‘source 2’. Part of the headline ‘the day that armchair travel really took off’ says that the story is going to be about travel by armchair, while the first part of the headline ‘up, up and away’ explains how maybe the armchair travel could be by air. The picture relates to this and shows that the travel is by air as the armchair has balloons attached to it and you can see the sea below with the cliffs in the distance. Both the title and the picture give you a good insight to what the story is going to be about. The man in the text explains how he wanted to travel over the English Channel in an armchair, with helium filled balloons attached to it, the picture show him doing just this.

C) The thoughts and feelings of Claire...
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