Topics: Altamont Free Concert, Hells Angels, The Rolling Stones Pages: 5 (1455 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Parte 1:

Context: Concert at Madison Square Garden and KSAN radio interview at film editing room. Social Groups: Rolling Stones, Hells Angels (Sonny Barger), audience, filmmakers, and concert organizer (Sam Cutler) Normative Framework: The audience at Madison Square Garden, was into the show. The Madison Square Garden crowd was respecting the group and they looked at Mick Jagger as if he was a god. In other words, there was conforming by Mick Jagger. Folkways: Mick Jagger was in complete control over the audience. Mick Jagger mesmerized the audience. Mores: Sonny Barger was the guy that violated the mores held by the counterculture. Sonny Barger: “when they started messing over our bikes, they started it”

Parte 2:

Context: Concert at Madison Square Garden, press conference, and Mel Beli’s office (lawyer) Social Groups: Rolling Stones, audience, interviewers, organizers (Mr. Schneider), lawyer, racetrack owner Normative Framework: The audience at Madison Square Garden was into the show. There was conformity as in Parte 1. They was following Mick Jaggers lead, he is the model of an anti-hero of the counterculture. Folkways: At press conference – when Mick Jagger speaks openly about sex and being sexually satisfied. Mores: At the press conference Mick Jagger was talking about some values about open sexual speech, but he violated the mores held by the dominant culture.

Parte 3:

Context: Recording studio, hotel, helicopter, Madison Square Garden concert, studio Social Groups: Rolling Stones, (sound) engineer, hotel bellman, MSG concert audience, and manager. Normative Framework: Mick Jagger was drinking liquor directly from the bottle while he listened to himself singing the bands recorded songs. When entering the hotel room, one of the Rolling Stones was looking for local groupies. Folkways: drinking direct from the bottle, looking for groupies. Rolling Stones was listening to their own music, and tried to get that intense experience through their own music.

Parte 4

Context: Lawyers office, Madison Square Garden and trailer.
Social Groups: Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Lawyers, Organizers, Dick Carter (owner of Altamont Speedway) and Mike Lang, reporters, audience, two girls at backstage at the concert talking with Mick Jagger, police. Normative Framework: There was conformity in the crowd at Madison Square Garden, beside some moments. There were couple deviant acts at MSG. There were some girls and boys from the audience that tried to ran on the stage, but the police that were there on stage moved them. Folkways: Mick Jagger guides the audience through peace and love. Mores: Couple of the crowd tried to run on the stage.

Parte 5

Context: Lawyers office, Madison Square Garden, Radio Station and Altamont Speedway. Social Groups: Rolling stones, Organizers, Mr. Charter (Owner of the private property next to Altamont Speedway), Mel Beli (lawyer), Volunteers, Hells Angels, Hippies, Police, Camera crew. Normative Framework: There is conformity at the Madison Square Garden and at the lawyer’s office, but that’s about it. Folkways: The volunteers were helping to set up the concert for free. The counterculture is all about helping each other and takes care of each other. People were high on drugs and on the grass being intimate. There were three guys peeing in the opening area. Another guy tried to sell different kind of drugs. This is not a deviant act for the counterculture. Another thing that was under the counterculture was the topless woman walking around. Mores: Some of the audience was claiming on those scaffolding. Organizer says in the microphone: “Those scaffoldings are not built to take very heavy weight” Crime: Cars were parking on the highway. One random guy hit Mick Jagger in front the police.

Parte 6

Context: Altamont Speedway
Social Groups: Organizers, American Red Cross, The Flying Burrito Brothers (Band), The Jefferson Airplane (Band), Hells Angels, Hippies, reporters,...
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