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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Emily Amburn
Mrs. Abt
AP Language and Composition
April 11, 2013
Final Response

In reading these articles from Rolling Stone Magazine and further analyzing them, the author's general focus is clearly music. They all focused on the road to fame of certain artists and the hottest music in the industry today. To convey this information to the audience, the author uses several rhetorical strategies such as anecdotes, side remarks, flashbacks, and authoritative appeals.

The author's uses anecdotes to begin the article. This is present in all of the articles that i have read. For example in the beginning of "Thrift Shop Hero", the author describes Ben Haggarty sitting in on an Alcoholics Anonymous of his fears of relapsing. The article on Rihanna begins with her walking into a comedy club in West Hollywood and describing her as having a great time. Also in the "Miami Burning" article it opens with Diddy's Breakfast Club Pool Party which was the opening party of the Ultra Music Festival. This technique allows for the author to effectively grab the reader's attention as well as make the reader feel as if they were present at these events.

Another rhetorical strategy is the use of side remarks. An example of the this is present in the Rihanna article where he states that Rihanna may "have been a little high" because of the way she was acting in the comedy club. The author was kidding, of course, but this strategy helps to lighten the tone of the article and makes the interview between the author and Rihanna less rigid and a little humorous.

Flashbacks is one more strategy that the author uses when writing these articles. They are present in two of the three articles, "Thrift Shop Hero" and the article focused on Rihanna. In the Thrift Shop article, when the author was interviewing Macklemore, he refers many times to his childhood recalling the struggles he faced in high school. These are also present in the Rihanna article. Rihanna revisits the tragic...
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