Society and Crime

Topics: Child sexual abuse, Sex offender, Child abuse Pages: 6 (2352 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Sexual Predators and Child Victims
Harry E. Greene
Final Assignment Week 5
SOC 305 Crime and Society
Instructor: Mohamad Khatibloo
December 17, 2012

Sexual Predators and Child Victims
Sexual Predators are those who use force, deception, drugs, and corrosion to fulfill their sexual desires or fantasies and often times they will groom their victim to gain their trust which leaves them completely damaged and as a result they often become predators themselves. Sexual predators can be male, female and often are in a position of authority such as a teacher, Boy Scout leader, minister, coach or a close family friend. Sexual predators or those required to register as a sex offender are either charged with child molestation, lewd acts with a minor, rape, sexual enticement of minors, indecent exposure, and any crime that involves a sexual nature. Sexual predators can also be those who look at or download and trade child pornography amongst other people who share the same interest. There are also those who are falsely accused of child molestation or child sexual abuse. This is often done because an adult either an ex-wife, or ex-girlfriend who is angry because of a breakup or some other reasons who will plant thoughts in a child’s mind and convince the child that they were victimized by the other parent or boyfriend in order to make a false report to police to cause the person problems. This will destroy the reputation of the accused and often cost them the loss of employment, a place to live and complete embarrassment in the public eye. I know one case in 1999 where the person was a Boy Scout leader for over 20 years without an allegation of this nature but due to the over zealousness of a social worker who said the man fit the profile since he likes working with children. The social worker claimed that he fits so well that she had him investigated by both local and federal authorities; this man lost everything on the word of one social worker who even went to the press with her allegations without fact or evidence. After all allegations this man was proven innocent and asked to testify in court against the family he was helping due to child neglect and abuse. The nerve of these people to ask him to testify after what they put him through. The News Media had him pegged as a predator, they aired his story nationwide, but when it was all over they didn’t print that they found no reason to believe he was guilty of anything other than wanting to help his community. False accusations can do some serious damage to a person, but this doesn’t happen very often as children’s allegations should always be treated seriously because more often than not they are proven true. By nature sexual predators cannot be cured and pose a risk once released from prison to reoffend which places both females (Women) and children either boy or girl at serious risk. (Wakefield, 2006) They will often appear to be conforming to the conditions of their parole or probation but in secret will often be looking for their next victim. Predators will often work in stores or an area where children gather, and often appear to be harmless to anyone; however that is how they groom their victims and those around them. They will often befriend parents of children, and often they will look for places they can find children who appear to be from broken homes as often these children are often the most vulnerable. In releasing these predators from prison we endanger those who should be protected. Sexual predators who abuse children, or women will often leave their victim questioning if what happened wasn’t their fault which leaves children who will often grow up to become abusers themselves which causes a vicious cycle to continue. Without proper therapy and a positive support system the victim becomes the abuser. Sexual predators leave their victim scarred often for life which makes relationships and future partners hard to trust. When we fail...
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