Dangers of Online Predators

Topics: Police, Predation, Law enforcement agency Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: November 20, 2012
The Dangers of Online Predators and What Can be done to Protect Our Youth

Marcos Williams

CM 107: College Composition 1

Unit 9: Final

This paper is to educate parents and children about the dangers of online predators. Predators are going to great links to prey on children and they are going to great links to hide their identity. Predators are hiding in cyberspace and they are lying in wait for children to go online so they can make their move on unsuspecting children. Law enforcement agencies and parents have to do whatever it takes to protect children and they should make sure that the necessary steps are taken. Law enforcement agencies are using the media and they are hiding online to help capture these offenders. Parents should make sure that their home computers have the proper software, know who kids are friends with online, gain access to all emails kids use, make sure computers are visible at all times, and never turn a blind eye and think that this will never happen to their children. Kid’s safety is always a priority and they should be guarded at all times.

I have chosen a degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Cyber-crimes to protect kids against online predators. Educating parents and children about the dangers of online predators and discussing how law enforcement agencies and parents can protect our children is the first step. This paper will discuss what kids don’t know about online predators, how these online predators are hiding their identities from law enforcement, how law enforcement is cracking down on online predators, and most importantly, how parents can protect their kids against online predators.

Kids do not realize that predators look for kids with a lack of self-esteem, kids that are vulnerable, and kids that are having problems at home. These offenders meet children in public chat rooms geared towards teens and...
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