Society's Biggest Problem

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The pressure to be perfect. The pressure to be skinny like a twig, the pressure to look like a model. This is one of the main problems in our society that is showing up more and more in this generation. Have you ever felt so bad about yourself, that you went to desperate measures? Have someone ever said something to you that completely made you think otherwise of yourself? One by one, more and more girls have been dealing with this. How so? Let me explain.

The pressure to be perfect is basically what young girls think, or perceive how they are supposed to dress, look, even think, in order to get by in this society. They think they have to be super skinny like a model, or dress like all the famous celebrities are wearing, or ever listen to certain music to be labeled as "cool." This is a really bad problem in our society because it can lead to starving one self, stealing, body damage, and sometimes even death. Young girls these days tend to look up to Barbie. They think if they had blond hair and blue eyes, or light skin and a tiny waist, they would be considered beautiful. Which is so wrong, because everyone is beautiful.

I, myself, have dealt with the pressure to be perfect. In 6th grade, the style was skinny jeans. Everyone was wearing them, but I had not one pair. So for my birthday, I finally got one pair, and I wore them everyday! After about 2 weeks, my dad told me that I cant wear them anymore for a period of time. So because I was so caught up in what people thought about me, I snuck the jeans into my backpack every morning. I eventually got caught, however, and my parents threw out the jeans. I did the same thing with my glasses. Because boys did not think glasses were cute, I would purposely loose my glasses so I wouldn't have to wear them anymore. I have a close friend and to me, she is the most beautiful, outgoing, best friend you could ever have. She is currently dealing with the pressure to be perfect. She thinks she is...
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