Society at Its Worst

Topics: Frankenstein, Novel, Fiction Pages: 1 (449 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Society At Its Worst

Why is it that society must always judge a book from its cover? Society puts a label on everything as good or bad, rich or poor, normal or strange and though sometimes they can be right most of these labels are opinions not facts. In this novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Society plays a big role. Society shuns the creature because of the way he looks. Victor Frankenstein the narrator of the most of the novel studies the art of life and how the body is made and how it can be taken apart. Victor Creates a very smart but ugly creature, who he himself is even scared of. Victor keeps it a secret but later goes on to regret what he did because he can not stop the monster from ruining his life and the lives of his love ones. The monster who is eight feet tall has a very hard time blending in. His outside appearance will not allow him to be a normal human being and although he learns how to talk and read no one will give him a chance, and because of that he goes after his creator Victor Frankenstein for revenge. In the novel Society plays the biggest role in impacting evil in the monster and ultimately leaving Society to blame for the murders in the novel.

Society itself which is supposed to be good is actually ignorant. Society plays different roles in this novel. In the novel Society also plays the role in killing Justine because she is the only person that could have maybe done such a crime. They again wrongly label Justine as the killer. They do not look into the facts but instead find a quick and easy answer to the problem. Society has the most influence in a person's point of view. Most of the time society causes misunderstandings about people based on appearance and from what they do not know. In the novel Society gets Victor and the Monster confused. Instead they label the Creature as the monster when the real monster is Victor and the monster is one of the most decent of the characters. Victor Frankenstein is irresponsible...
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