Societal Problem in Our Country

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  • Published : October 13, 2012
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In my opinion, the most societal problem in our country is vandalism. It is because several factors and normally done by naughty and problematic teenagers at the age around 14 to early 20’s. According to dictionary, vandalism is wilful or malicious destruction of public or private property. The problems happens when there is behaviour or action done by people especially teenagers in spoiling the original functions of the public or private property without permission and acknowledgement of the owner. Our communities also labelled them as irresponsible people. There are a few examples of vandalism that we can see everywhere such as spray painting a wall with graffiti, spoil the function of public phone and a damage road signboard. Those actions give problems to our society and also can give a bad image to our country. Relatively, it will give indirect impact to our government performance in handling issues in our country. Here I want to give three reasons why I think it is the most societal problem in Malaysia.

The first reason is when we want to use public facility such as public phone, public toilet and also public transport, especially in urgent/critical time, we can’t use it and it will give a problem to public. It is just because of all the facility are destroyed or spoiled by irresponsible people. If that situation happened, it will give another problem to public such as they have to move to the other place to get that facility which was broken or destroyed by those people. Just imagine what happen when there is house in isolated area is in fire but the residence cannot contact fire station just because nearby public phone is damaged? Maybe it will give a minimum damage and lost if they can contact fire station, but because of vandalism, they may suffer more than that. What happened if because of that vandalism, they cannot save a life which we can save if that facility is...
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