The Biggest Problem of Our Time

Topics: Africa, Meat, Kilogram Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: March 4, 2011
The Biggest Problem of Our Time

The question what the biggest problem of our time is, might be considered to be a question with various answers, because nowadays, the increasing amount of the world population and the evolution of technology creates a lot of problems. If I have to identify one of those, the problem I choose is the one based on the human consumption of food.

The continuing globalisation makes many places become cities, and comforts people’s life. Many people can easily find supermarkets and grocery stores, and buy some fresh food with an affordable price, but what’s happening now is the amount of imported food in many developed countries is rising too high, for example, twenty years ago the food consumed by the people in Britain was 20% imported, but now it is doubled. In contrast, people in the countries that grow vegetables and fruits, and the ranching countries, which are mostly in Asia and Africa have less chance to consume the products they’ve made. Correspondingly, there is not enough food for people in many countries in those continents. According to poverty facts and Statistics last year, around 27-28% of all children in developing countries are estimated to be underweight or stunted. The most affected countries are Congo, Ethiopia, Chad, and the rest in sub Saharan Africa, even though some countries in this area are big sources of fresh food.

This problem also changes people’s life, especially the children of school age. In Senegal, some children now come fishing though they meant to be at school studying. The reason why they do this is because people in developed countries need more food, so they have to quit going to school to help their parents who are fishmongers and/or fishermen for the family income. Their life is getting more and more difficult as there are also big European fishing boats from that use giant trawls that can catch fish in large amount, sailing in that area, so those Senegalese often come...
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