Socially Responsible Marketing

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Socially Responsible Marketing
Table of Contents
Origins of Social Marketing1
Definition of Socially Responsible Marketing:2
Social Issues:2
Bono’s Product (RED) Initiative: Reducing CSR to Cause-Related Marketing by Stefano Ponte, Lisa Ann Richey and Mike Baab3
Social Marketing Mix3
Product – offer made to target adopters3
Price – costs that consumers have to bear4
Special focus on GAP:5
The Organisational Moral Development Model – Reidenbach and Robin,19916
Materialization of society – do the young people receive the correct message?7
Research - Consumer privacy:7
Product development:8
Personal selling8
International marketing9
EVALUATION: (PRODUCT)RED Criticisms and Articles9
Social Marketing vs. Commercial Marketing10
Mark Rosenman, April 11, 2007 - The Patina of philanthropy10
Further criticism12
Advertising - Carla C. J. M. Millar and Chong Ju Choi, 200312
Consumer experience – Product Red is a social good and consumers respond back13
Culture as a commodity14
The dependence effect:14
Vance Packard,The Hidden Persuaders, 195714

Origins of Social Marketing

* Kotler and Zaltman (1971): application of marketing to solution of social and health problems, and “to sell brotherhood like soap” (Wiebe, 1951) * We can use marketing to make people choose one thing from hundreds, so why can’t we sell “brotherhood like soap” * Planned social change which involves an exchange relationship between the client and change agent (Niehoff, 1966)

Definition of Socially Responsible Marketing:
* Harnesses desirable social causes, such as the environment and consumerism, to advance the interests of a commercial organisation * RED campaign works with Global Fund (non-profit organisation) with each of their partners (Gap, Apple etc.) as the profiting companies behind them * MTV as another example for this type of socially responsible marketing * SHOPPING TO SAVE LIVES: PRODUCT RED AND

* Product Red appeals to this sense of "the real" by claiming to offer consumers a way to intervene in a "real" problem: the spread of AIDS in Africa. Product Red essentially constructs a virtual simulacrum of Africa and the AIDS virus for First World markets. The campaign manufactures a vision of the world in which all of Africa's problems can be combated through consumer agency, in other words, through millions of ordinary Americans consuming "Red" products.

Social Issues:
1) Altruistic causes
* E.g. Charity donations
RED works with the Global Fund and gives to the charitable organisation to help alleviate AIDS in Africa 2) Social betterment causes
* E.g. Anti-discrimination, improved environment
RED and their goal of eliminating AIDS or helping provide funding for the pills which could save thousands of lives is their way of working towards social betterment

The most widespread misconception about (RED) was that it was a traditional charity

(RED) saw itself as offering benefits back to its partner companies; as a result, (RED) had therefore intentionally approached the marketing divisions—not the foundation divisions—of possible partners Additionally, “charity” products tended to have a price markup which meant the donation fell exclusively on the consumer, not the company. (RED) products did not follow this model; the companies themselves covered the donation from their profits It aimed not to make people feel responsible for or guilty about world problems in order to induce them to buy, but instead to tap into their consumerism by offering them a (RED) choice Bono’s Product (RED) Initiative: Reducing CSR to Cause-Related Marketing by Stefano Ponte, Lisa Ann Richey and Mike Baab * Encourages corporations to earn profits...
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