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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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This project contain information about the poor condition of the roads in the community of Eltham St. Ann Jamaica and how this situation affect the residents of this community .Additionally the researcher will explore some ways to resolve or address the problem .It is hoped that the readers of this project will be enlightened and will find it interesting.

Statement of the Problem

What are the main contributory factors to the deplorable roads conditions in the community of Eltam St. Ann Jamaica?

Research Questions

1. What is the main contributory factor to the deplorable roads conditions in the community of Eltham, St. Ann, Jamaica?

2. In what ways does the deplorable road condition affect the residents of Eltam, St. Ann, Jamaica?

3. What are some ways/strategies which may be employed to address the problem of the poor road conditions in Eltham St. Ann Jamaica?

Reason for selecting this area of research

The researcher’s reason for selecting this area is because the researcher have being living in the community of Eltham St. Ann Jamaica for a year now and have seen that the condition of the roads are very poor. In fact it is difficult to get transportation to attend school because many taxi drivers do not want to travel on the bad roads in this area, Because of the existence of this problem and no effort is being made to address it by the authority, the researcher decided to investigate this issue with a view to finding some reasonable solution.

Method of Investigation

The primary method of investigation used by the researcher was printed questionnaires. Some advantages of using the questionnaire for surveys like this are: * It is a fast process of collecting data.

* You can collect a large amount of information at one time. * It is a time consuming method.

Instrument Used to Collect Data


Eltham Ohio Rios St. Ann January 3, 2013

Dear Residents,
My name is keylyn Rose. I am a student of the Marcus Garvey Technical High School. I am asking for your help in completing my Social Studies School Based Assessment (S.B.A) project on the topic bad roads in my community and ways by which the government and the residents can address this problem in Eltham. Please I am kindly asking you to complete the questionnaire provided by the following the instructions outlined there on. Thank you very much for your help Yours truly


Topic: what are the main contributory factors to the deplorable roads in the Community of Eltham St. Ann, Jamaica?

Instructions: complete the following by placing a tick in the box beside the Appropriate answer

1. Sex: male
2. Age range :
19 and under

3. How long have you been living in the community of Eltham St. Ann?

Under 1 year
6-10 years
11-14 ears
16 years and up

4. Which of the following views do you agree with? The roads in the community of Eltham, St. Ann, Jamaica are in. Excellent condition
The average condition
Bad condition
Very bad condition

5. What do you think caused the roads to be damaged?
Floods/heavy rains
Heavy duty vehicle

6. How do the poor/bad roads affect you?
Makes it hard to get...
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