Tamarack City Planning Guide

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Tamarack City Planning Guide

The economics of a city should not rely solely on one industry, tying its fate to the successes and failures of that industry. The City of Tamarack hopes to strike a financial, structural, and cultural balance between our current partnerships with the mining industry and our future endeavors in tourism.

As Representatives of the City of Tamarack, we have outlined below our goals in the negotiation process and the strategy behind achieving them.

Who do we represent?
• Residents of Tamarack
• City officials
• Supporters of both industries (mining and tourism)
• Environmentalists

• Approve a location for the next mine that will not hamper our efforts in tourism • Restore consumed mines with the help of Twin Lakes Mining at a low economic impact to Tamarack city • Repair current roads and pave dirt roads used by city residents • Apply a fair and equitable tax rate to the new mining location • Maintain a long-term relationship with Twin Lakes Mining • Reach an agreement that yields 198 points

Negotiation Issues/Bargaining Mix
The major issues of negotiation:
• Site of Next Mine
o We aim to keep any new site away from high potential resort areas making Eagle Falls an ideal location. Each of the other four options do not appear to be solid mining sites and will represent a missed opportunity in tourism.

• Restoration of Consumed Mines
o Twin Lakes has met its legal obligation of restoring the mines to prevent erosion but we would like to see at least partial restoration if not full restoration of the area to aid in the overall environmental health of our city. • Road Maintenance

o Road damage occurs during the winter, mostly from the impact of mining trucks and less so from resident use, so we would like to negotiate the maintenance of those roads with Twin Lakes. The range roads in question are all roads in the city, to only roads on company owned land. • Road Paving

o Twin Lakes was instrumental in creating dirt roads that are now used by city residents. To reduce dirt and dust distribution, we ask that Twin Lakes considers paving them. • Tax Rate

o Twin Lakes has proposed a 4% reduction of their tax rate, which we rely heavily on for city growth and prosperity. We will look to negotiate the best tax rate for both parties. We may be willing to concede on a lower tax rate if Twin Lake makes concessions to us in other more valuable areas

We are approaching the negotiation with Twin Lakes Mining Company in an integrative way. We would like to keep Twin Lakes in business so we are not totally relying on tourism as the primary industry and feel a combination of mining with tourism can help ensure growth for the city of Tamarack. We will attempt to understand the needs of Twin Lakes through a process of information sharing. We will then look for a common ground between both parties so we can come up with a mutually agreeable solution. However, if Twin Lakes is not willing to negotiate in a constructive way, our plan is to switch to a more distributive negotiation approach. We prefer to pay as little as possible for the cleanup project and expect Twin Lakes to finance as much of the clean up as they possibly can. We understand the need for Twin lakes to stay in business, but are not willing to finance too much of the clean up process to guarantee that. We will walk away from the negotiation if needed.

We have constructed three solutions for the negotiation and plan to adhere to these alternatives as much as possible. Constructing the new site at Eagle Falls Site is our primary objective because this location is of virtually no value for tourism. Restoring the mines near the main roads is also of major importance to us right now. We are willing to be a little more flexible with Road Maintenance, Paving Dirt Roads and the Tax Rate...
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