Social Responsability

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Social Responsibility Project|
Ilia Martinez|

bring joy, laughter and improvement to Abused Children’s lives|

December 15, 2012

Mr. Ramón Leal
Chili’s Restaurant
Plaza las Américas
San Juan, PR 00918

Re: Social Responsibility Project: “Fantasy Day @ Chili’s” and Mentorship for abused children

Dear Mr. Leal:

Every day the Family Department of Puerto Rico receives about 500 calls reporting child abuse. This is a very serious problem. A child that has been abused lives in constant fear and pain. While the physical wounds may heal, the emotional scars can last a lifetime.

It has been said that laughter is the best medicine. That is why I would like to propose to you a very special project that will make hundreds of abused children in Puerto Rico smile again, “Magical Day @ Chili’s”.

The month of April is dedicated to Childhood and Child Abuse Prevention. I propose choosing one day, every year, preferably during this month to concentrate our efforts just on the children. The idea is to invite kids that have been removed from their homes and offer them a Chili’s VIP lunch and provide them with an unforgettable experience. By partnering up with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Puerto Rico we can also provide these children with a wonderful mentoring program. During the event the volunteers can meet and interact with the kids and start creating a bond. Not only will this project bring joy and happiness to the children, it will also create awareness of the severity of Child Abuse in Puerto Rico. Social initiatives taken by organizations tend to promote goodwill, public favor, and corporate trust, and these may contribute to the profit and long-run success of your organization. With all this in mind, open your hearts and souls, you are about to embark on a wonderful and satisfying social experience!

Enclosed you will find a detail proposal for your approval. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions you may have.


Ilia Martínez

Fantasy Day @ Chili’s There are thousands of innocent children being abused every day. Get any newspaper and you will surely find at least one headline regarding child abuse. They will read: “infant being physically abused by father”, “toddler being sexually abused”, “mother leaves her 6 year old alone for the night” amongst others. How tragic!! The saddest thing of all is, that the people that are supposed to love and protect these children the most, are the ones doing them harm. Chili’s has been known for their charity work with children. Thanks to you, St. Jude’s Hospital, “Chili’s Care Center” was made possible. Millions of dollars were donated by your organization and children from all parts of the world, including Puerto Rico, have benefited greatly. The technology and professional care provided in the facility have saved hundreds of children’s lives and made others more tolerable. The families of this young cancer patients and the community in general are forever grateful for your support. The number of restaurants out there nowadays is outrageous. Due to the competition and the current economy, there is not a better time and opportunity for Chili’s brand to define its identity and values to potential customers. Chili’s is a family restaurant that has always paid especial attention to children’s needs and wants. What better way for reaching your community, than supporting this generous cause? It is for the best interest of businesses to promote and improve communities. Not only does it better the firm’s public image, stock price and profits, but it also solves your community’s social problems. Although organizations should not...
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