Social Profiling

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Steven Guadagni
English 100
September 16, 2012
Social Profiles Effects on Employment
Time and time again, people are denied or terminated from jobs based on inappropriate material found on their social media profiles. In current years, the issue of hiring/firing based on information found on social media devices such as MySpace, Twitter, or Facebook has been a hot topic. Many people believe that these factors should be overlooked when it comes to employment based on the idea that it makes the employee prejudiced and a violator of personal boundaries. Although it may appear to be an act of discrimination, business owners should reserve the right to take any public information into consideration and employ people who they deem suitable to profit their business. Many people believe that boundaries should be drawn when it comes to hiring people based on what is displayed in their social profiles. In Agha “Bes” Zain’s article “Should Employers and Interviewers Check Your Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Profiles?” he argues that it’s easy for an employer or interviewer to not hire or fire someone based on something they saw on their social profiles. Zain says, “Employers can use social profiles to make biased, prejudiced decisions that are unfair and Guadagni 2

discriminatory.” He expands on his view, stating that what you do on your own time is your business and that some employers will hire or fire someone for their religious/political views or even their ethnicity. Even though it may not be legal, Zain’s statement that not hiring someone for their religious/political views or their ethnicity is bad because it can negatively affect business; I disagree with Zain that as an employee what you do on your own time is your own business and it shouldn’t affect your employer’s decision to hire or fire a person.

Not hiring or firing someone for their religious/political views or their ethnicity which is disclosed on a social profile is...
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