Tylenol Code of Ethics Paper

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Immanuel Kant Pages: 7 (2171 words) Published: July 6, 2012
1. Identification

A. Laura Moscone, a Human Resource Director for a small firm, has to decide which applicant out of a set of finalists she should hire for an outside sales position; however, her firm’s policy includes Facebook postings of their private life in her decision making for hiring any applicant for the outside sales position.

B. 1.Should Laura hire Jack Friendly?
2.Should Laura disregard company policy?
3.Should Laura use Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other private sites used by people as a final decision?
4. Is it morally right for Laura’s company to use a collection of Internet information in all job searches?
5. Is it morally right for Laura not to hire the best qualified for the position, in spite of what he/she does in their private life outside of breaking the law?

C. The central ethical issue is more important than the other issues listed because if Jack Friendly meets all of the qualifications for the job of becoming an outside salesman for Laura’s company he should be hired. Each and every applicant should be viewed according to his/her qualifications, and not by what their Facebook status is because when the private side of their live is taken out of the equation, people only bring their qualifications for the job to the table making Laura’s job straight forward.

2. Research

1. http://www.forbes.com/sites/lisaquast/2012/05/28/social-media-passwords-and-the-hiring-process-privacy-and-other-legal-rights/ Social Media, Passwords, and the Hiring Process: Privacy and Other Legal Rights

This article is relevant because it shows how media coverage is still a hot topic and both state and federal bills are aimed at stopping employers from asking for applicant’s social media passwords. These bills were introduced in response to reports about companies, such as the one Laura Moscone, whose hiring practices are surrounded by a person’s social media.

2. http://www.insurancethoughtleadership.com/index.php/site/insurance-law/social-media-and-hiring-practices/#axzz1yTbzZ83k Social Media and Hiring Practices

The side effects of employer’s using social media in the firing process should not forget that existing employment and privacy law concepts apply to the social media space. Any desire for information from the Internet or social media should be consistent with non-discriminatory hiring policies and practices.

3. http://www.blogging4jobs.com/social-media/the-era-of-corporate-social-media-discrimination/ Social Media Discrimination and Social Media Recruiting

Also, employers are bound by certain state and federal anti-discrimination laws, such as those prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, national origin, disability, genetic information, or sexual orientation, regardless of the source of the information. Employers cannot lawfully consider these protected classes when Human Resource (HR) Managers or Directors, like Laura Moscone, are making hiring decisions regardless of whether the information is obtained from the applicant’s resume, LinkedIn, Facebook profile, or employment application.

4. Goree, Keith. Pearson Learning Solutions. 6.5 Boston, MA: 2011. Text Book

This book contains information regarding ethics, ethical issues critical thinking strategies. It also shows the steps in critical thinking and how to apply it when making ethical decisions along with the evaluation process. This book also has a lot of moral and ethical theories that I will continue to use the rest of my life.

3. Analysis

Stakeholders| Options|
| Option #1- Laura could continue violating people’s privacy.| Option #2 – Laura could hire applicants solely off their qualifications.| Option #3 – Laura could just go with company policy.| Option #4 – Laura could get an outside attorney’s advice.| Stakeholder #1Laura| Laura not sure about making final decision based on social...
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