Social Perception

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How might the characteristics of the perceiver, the target and the situation affect the social perceptions that employers like Deloitte likely have regarding participants in the Teach First program? Answer

Being competent is one of the main characteristics of the perceiver that may affect the perception that employers like Deloitte may have when considering their participants for their Teach First Program. Since Teach first program recruits candidate by identifying top students i.e 3% from the graduating class as given in the case study here, the identification of these so called ‘talented’ students needs to be well established. If the perception is solely based on the grades they score in examination , that more often than not , Deloitte may lose out identifying the right candidates.

To be competent candidate, characteristics such as thoughts , beliefs , emotions , intentions, desires need to be identified. As there is no clear indication that the talent identification on the teach first program are based on these assessment, to depend on their grades alone will not guarantee the success of the Teach First Program.

The objective of Deloitte is to recruit the best and the brightest. Thereafter they also face challenges to retain the talented ones. Deloitte is sponsoring Teach First recruits to begin teacher training after graduation. They will teach at schools for the next two years before joining Deloitte’s graduate recruitment program. The company is funding the cost of leadership training and supporting eight Teach First recruits throughout the two-year teaching programme as well as offering three-week internships with Deloitte over the summer break. people with good solid personal characteristics, especially resilience, empathy, humility and respect.

Humility is a huge part of the process. You need to have emotional empathy and understanding in order to make an impact.

Teach First participants attend the Summer Institute, a six week residential...
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