Social Networks Allow People to Connect for a Variety of Reasons in a Digital Environment. You Might Join Linkedin to Meet Business Contacts, Myspace to Find a Band Member, or Facebook to See Pictures of Old Friends and

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There are many concerns regarding posting information on social websites. For children and teens these issues can be extremely dangerous. There are countless people out there searching for little pieces of information that kids post online that can be put together to find out private information such as where they live, what school they attend and even where they are going to be after school one day. For people to obtain specific information about children the material posted doesn’t need to be specific. “Predators can find teens through information as simple as news that their soccer team won a game. Insignificant pieces of information can be sewn together and teens should not mention things such as their school names, their jersey numbers or anything else that could identify them” (Giffen, M., 2008. Online Privacy, Current Health 2, 34(7), 8-11). Situations like this can cause serious consequences such as abductions and even murder. There can also be severe consequences on a person’s career and education for certain types of postings websites such as Facebook. “Bad behavior on Facebook can have real-world consequences. For example, there have been cases of colleges rejecting a student’s application based on inappropriate postings on Facebook” (Bowles, M., 2010, Sec. 7.3). Many people use Facebook as a place to vent about various situations in their life not realizing they should be kept private, one of them being their job. While there is a lot of controversy regarding employee’s privacy when it comes to their postings on these sites, many employees have been disciplined and/or terminated for discrediting or defaming comments made on Facebook towards their boss or employer. In addition, there has been an increase in the use of social networking sites such as Facebook by hiring managers and human resource professionals attempting to find more detailed information about job applicants (Brown, V.R. & Vaughn, E., 2011, The Use of Social Networking Sites...
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