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  • Published : October 4, 2010
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Chapter II
I.Literature Review
[1]With the use of Internet, the researchers find out that there are also people who notice about the way social networking sites dominate students’ life. This people are part of a college of art and science group, they made an online survey to 960 students of different racial and economic backgrounds and academic abilities that are currently in their high school senior year and are going to go to college on the fall of 2009. But unlike the researchers aim to find out the effects of social networking sites, the group aims to find out how these sites affect the decisions students are making about the college they’re going to attend. Here’s what they found out: 1. Use of social networking sites among college-bound high school students is nearly universal, and especially high among African Americans. 2. Facebook and MySpace dominate the world of social networking sites. 3. Students frequently visit and spend considerable time on social networking sites. 4. Socializing and staying in touch with friends, not surprisingly, drives interest and use of SNS. 5. A relatively small segment of students is using social networking sites for their college search. Those that are use sites to determine their ability to fit in and feel comfortable at a particular college. 6. Students are concerned about protecting their privacy on social networking sites. 7. Compared to most other sources of information affecting college consideration and choice, social networking sites rank at the very bottom, with very little apparent impact in the inquiry and application stages of the process.