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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Can internet replace library?

Now a day each and every person is having computer at their homes, but this is a problem, if everyone will use computer and they will stop read books. If people will not read book then all libraries all over the world will demolish. I want my readers to concentrate on my composition and to give their opinion at last, and now I will give 3 advantages and disadvantages of internet and library. ADVANTAGES OF INTERNET:-
* We can get all kind of information in minutes.
* We can get in touch with people all ever the world.
* We can get help in projects from internet.


* Mostly children are misusing it.
* Children are mostly using facebook, twitter and etc. * Mostly people are wasting their time in playing game.


* Library helps people in research.
* Library improves reading skills.
* We can issue books to read.


* The library is open only a set number of hours.
* It may not do exactly what we want it to do.
* Not a lot of direct contact with superiors or people in different departments.

In my opinion internet can replace library because internet is better than books. We have to buy or borrow the books in a shop or in a library. When we read books from internet, we don't need to borrow, just download it and read it in your computer. It saves time and energy, and it also saves your money. Therefore, I think internet is better than books.

And I want my reader to give their opinion on the following lines:...
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