Social Media and Freedom of Speech

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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This survey is designed to authenticate for the designation of an industrial psychologist. It will just take 3-5 minutes. You are free to leave it at any time.

Name: ________________________

* Male
* Female

Age: ______

* Under Graduate
* Post Graduate
* Graduate

Q1. What is your Qualification?

Q2. Do you think you’re well qualified?
* Yes
* No

Q3. What made you want to pursue a career in Industrial Psychology? ______________________________________________________________________________

Q4. What are your goals and future plans as an Industrial Psychologist? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Q5. How do you judge people by their history appearance or some other things? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

Q6. What common workers anxieties are you aware of?
* Unrealistic or excessive worry
* Sleep Disturbance
* Jitteriness
* Fatigue
* Other (Please Specify in the provided area below).
______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Q7. What will you do if such a situation occurs?
_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

Q8. If a worker or an employee asks help regarding anything will you help them as well as keep things secret? ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

Q9. If a worker is...
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