Problems with Limiting Freedom of Speech

Topics: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Democracy, Freedom of speech Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: October 23, 2012
1.0 Introduction
The following report was requested on behalf of the Communications department situated within and will be conducted by . The report shall concentrate on and investigate what problems would arise if freedom of speech was limited. It will be submitted by 18/10/2012.

2. Findings

2.1 Who decides on the limitations of freedom of speech?
The concept of Freedom of speech is one which is held sovereign by many constitutions and individuals, especially within the American states. The idea of limiting an American citizen’s freedom of speech would be highly offensive and seen as an act only a dictatorial Government would undertake which, with many factors considered, is true. The actions that in many cases are considered by these Governments are; Threats of imprisonments if the individual acts in an unfavourable way, prohibition of political parties and protests, also a very common limitation undertook within many places, such as Korea, is the censorship of the media and the killing or imprisonment of Journalists who have took part in media considered offensive to the current Government or acts which are seen as manipulating the minds of the citizens of said Country. It has also been witnessed under Democratic Governments in places such as the UK. Although this governments main priority are human rights and equality they have in many cases limited freedom of speech, although in a more positive light than done by Dictatorial Governments. The limitations within this doctrine would be, imprisonment following – hate speech, causing physical or strong emotional pain to another, racism or bigotry. All the above limitations are decided by a government, regardless of their stance on human rights. But in day-to-day life we are restricted by our peers, perhaps in school or work. When we consider individuals beliefs, faith or race the typical individual would conform to their surroundings, ensuring they do not say anything or act in a way as to offend...
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