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November 19, 2012
Table of Contents
Section One: Introduction
Section Two: A Successful Social Media Strategy and Policy
Keys to Success
Steps to Creating a Successful Media Strategy and Policy Monitoring/Measuring Social Media Results
Conclusion – Time Well Spent – ROI – Business Growth

Section One: Introduction

Some traditional companies perceive social media as just another billboard, another “media” where they can advertise. Yet as Erik Qualman so magnificently illustrates in his dramatic video “ Social Revolution 4” ( ), [1] social Media is revolutionary! Social media is making a history. Facebook has a population of 1 billion. If it were a country it would be the third largest country in the world just after China and India! Everyday the equivalent of the entire enrollment of Ivy league schools in the United States join Linkedin! Talk about impact! 53% of people on Twitter make recommendations in their tweets. [2] 93% of marketers use social media for business.[3] In the future consumers won’t search for products and services, rather the consumer will be found via social media.[4]

Social media involves so much more than we imagine at first glance, both in terms of opportunities and challenges. 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations only 14% trust advertisements.[5] Social Media is the new word of mouth that has become the “world of mouth” as Mr. Qualman discusses.[6] Consumers are talking about our product our services, and we are either part of the conversation or eventually out of business, as successful social media strategies will have critical roles in the success of companies as the social media phenomenon widens. Already social media is the number 1 activity on the web![7] Social media is a new way of using the power of word of mouth. It is self evident what word of mouth can do for a business in a traditional environment. In today’s so called “attention economy” and information age having a social media strategy is a fundamental and no longer an option. As we as a company consider creating our social media strategy and policy, there is much information we need. This Research Report provides the more important points necessary to develop a winning social media strategy and policy for companies in our industry area: Research, Writing, Editing, Training, Publishing and Social Media Consultancy. Social media success requires a substantial commitment in time, people and money.[8] To encourage the reader to invest the time and effort needed in the rethinking of business fundamentals required in order to develop a winning social media strategy and policy, this paper will present some of the significant benefits of successful social media strategy and policy, discuss the various steps involved in creating a winning social media strategy and policy and come to a conclusion that although successful media strategies and policies require significant effort and resources, the return on investment is well worth while.

Section Two: A Successful Social Media Strategy and Policy
To avoid being completely consumed by social media, a company must develop a comprehensive strategy. A social media management plan can assist companies in by outlining a prioritized road map for instituting the process, technological, organizational and cultural changes required to achieve the strategy.[9]

Successful companies understand that social media is not just another media upon which to advertise but rather is actually a brand new way of communicating. Furthermore when it comes to social media business fundamentals must be reconsidered and rethought out. Chris Ramsey co-founder of Social Consultancy firm Radian 6 explains...
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