Social Media

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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* Social media is different forms of media online such as Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry Messenger and You tube. This type of media allows people to interact and share information with friends, family and others. * This allows businesses to promote events using Social Networking Sites and through online media. For example, to promote an event the easiest way to do this is through You tube. This is likely to catch people’s attention rather than handing out leaflets to people in the street. Statistics within my portfolio show that there are over 100 million people who watch a video a day on You tube. This way of promoting events is more likely to catch people’s eye and they would be able to see what the event would be like and what to expect. Businesses also use social networking sites to plan their own event such as conferences and meetings. Twitter is a popular site for businesses and their events. Also if the event has become big enough, the organiser is able to create an account for the business and promote events which causes a mass amount of appeal to some audiences. * Also promoting events through well-known networking sites such as Twitter and...
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