Social-Emotional Development of 1-3 Yr Olds

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Karri Tidel
ECED 111
Observation #2
October 22, 2010
Social Emotional

Room 11; 1 year olds: Three children are eating breakfast at a table and feeding themselves. All of them turn and look at us as we walk in. They watch for a few seconds then eat again. Boy in red- he eats rice krispies with his hands. Looks at us but continues to eat. Girl in pink and black stand when sees the teacher give child more oranges. Grunts “Uh, uh” Teacher says “you have oranges” Looks at plate and eats. Takes milk cup and drinks then pours it out on table, continues to eat with spoon. Looks at us Boy turns around and looks. Girl in pink grunts.

Girl in polka dots laughs when Teacher Stella walks in. Pink pours milk out, drops cup again. All of them continue to eat independently. Teacher cleans milk, talks about not pouring the milk out. Boy stands, puts orange in mouth, sit. Polka stands and laughs when teacher helps her sit down. She waves to boy across the table. Pink bangs spoon. Polka points to Pink and laughs and she puts the spoon sideways in her mouth and stands. Pink moans and small smiles then turn to look behind her. Boy stands; teacher asks “Are you all done?” Nods head “yes” Teacher asks if he wants more. He nods “yes.” Teacher pours more for boy. Pink grunts. Teacher gives more to Pink. Teacher asks boy to sit in chair, then says “can you sit in your chair?” Boy nods “yes” Polka bounces and stands. “Can you put your plate away?” Polka picks up plate with two hands. Pink picks up plate and carries it to the buckets. Stops and smiles, grunts. Teacher helps show her what to do. Pink puts plate in bucket then takes spoon out and puts in basket. Polka takes the plate and watches herself in the mirror while placing plate in. Tries to hand plate to teacher. Teacher helps her put in bucket. Watches self in mirror and laughs. “Let’s wash hands” Pink makes a noise that sounds like “no.” Boy continues to feed self, he occasionally looks at us. Pink crawls on a table, “can you put your feet on the ground?” She follows instruction. Boy is asked “All done?” He nods “yes” but sits and continues to eat. Pink goes to food bucket. Polka looks at teacher outside. Says something and teacher responds “That Felicia. She’s getting the water out of the toys.” The girls watch through the window. Polka bangs on door. Walks to shelf with toys and smiles. Pink grabs book/poster and bends it. Smiles then watches us. Teacher turns music on. Polka laughs. Waves at boy. Touches him. She smiles when Stella comes in. Pink follows teacher into bathroom and touches door as it shuts. Polka smiles at Stella. Boy continues to eat. Polka smiles as Felicia walks in and runs to give her a hug. She touches the boy. Boy follows sit down directions and dances after he sees Polka dance. Pink goes down stairs. Polka smiles in my direction then runs to teacher.

Room 29; Early Twos: Children are playing outside
Girl in white jacket goes up hill and “talks” with a friend at the bottom of the hill. Girl in the pink jacket on a push car tries to push it up hill. Talks with friend at the top. Turns and says “a house” Pink looks behind her. She gets to the top of the hill and rides down. Smiles at Miwa. Says something when turns car around. White jacket watches Teacher come up the hill. Smiles at her. Teacher says “Don’t put things in your mouth, ok?” White responds “ok.” Pink is asked “Are you going to ride the bike?” “No. I see a house” and points to it and pushes the car in that direction. While and pink run to the house. White sings Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday then says “I need a mom and daddy” Pink says “K” and runs to the car. They have a conversation, but I can’t hear. Pink goes one way White walks back to the house. Pink pushes the car on grass. Teacher does not go up, Pink looks at teacher. Then Pink pushes it over a grassy hill Teacher asks that Pink does not drive the car there. Pink looks at teacher when teacher is talking to her. Pink goes to the fence...
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