Social Calligraphy

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Social Calligraphy
Life is a game; the social aspect of it, especially. All of the human’s brains are intra-related in a certain way. All of us think alike. We may not have certain views that we agree on, but I think it is safe to say that we all draw the same conclusions to a certain extent. In The Style Guy’s Guide by Glenn O’Brien, O’Brien distinguishes bulks of scenarios and typical occasions of the social “field”, and suggests on the most correct way to act upon them. These “social fields” may include how to act with families, workers, friends, enemies, etc. O’Brien elaborates on how to “excel” in the social ladder. For example, O’Brien states that it is important for one’s behavioral posture at parties to match a certain way. “This is where you shine, where you put your best foot forward and catch new eyes” (O’Brien, The Style Guy’s Guide). A person’s acts, behavior, posture, and remarks are crucial to the way others see you. Appearing classy and perfecting the way you should act may be a gateway to greater opportunities and successes in life. It may create hook-ups and important friendship. O’Brien also gives an understanding on who “friends” actually are. During these days of social networking, one has the ability to ”befriend” another with a simple click of a button. Friendship isn’t what it used to be and the traditional values of friendship have been lost. The author also expresses the relationship between friends, friendship with the opposite sex, and creating enemies with those around you. O’Brien clearly has no problem with opposite friendship as he says, “I can be genuine friends with anyone smart and funny, gender aside” (O’Brien, The Style Guy’s Guide). On a personally note, I believe that girls can be friends with guys in a non-sexual way. There are those types of

Shamiryan 2
sex-lusted, horny guys that have only one thing on their mind during friendship with women. I have a few friends that are girls that I am involved in a...
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