Social Attitudes & the American Revolution

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  • Published : July 6, 2010
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Social Attitudes towards the Causes of the American Revolution

A revolution is simply described as people overthrowing the government and replacing it with another, in the most common research source- Wikipedia. The American Revolution is by far, the most important historical event of the American history and a beginning of country of the United States. What caused American colonists to overthrow the differences of social classes and the need to break away from the English government and radical dictatorship, and the start of the revolution? There were thousands of books, journals, writings and articles done on this particular topic, where many seem to prioritize different events, where their perspectives and interpretations differ. Furthermore, there are many answers to this question, many writing focus on the intolerable acts put on the colonies as high taxes during tough times, a struggle for freedom during the times of tightening English control over the colonies, etc. There are always two stories to the same dilemma, and English social opinions and attitudes dramatically differed in comparison to the American towards the topic of the causes and beginnings of American Revolution. Nothing gives a better picture of public opinion better than daily newspaper articles, which lead me to Frank Hinkhouse’s book, “The preliminaries of the American Revolution as seen in English Press”. With comparison Richard Morris’, “The American Revolution: a short story” it is easy to notice the differences of perspectives on events of the eighteenth century. A good place to start this debate would be the reason of the settlement of the colonists in America itself, which basically was a starve for freedom. Freedom was, what couldn’t be commemorated in England, since it was fully controlled by the monarchy, which was further controlled by Catholicism; causing any other religion to be not only discriminated against, but eventually leading to an absolute conquer of it. By moving...
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