Catalysts for American Revolution

Topics: American Revolution, Townshend Acts, Boston Tea Party Pages: 4 (1404 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Nick Cuccaro
U.S History 1
Liberty! The American Revolution – Quiz
October 9th, 2012

The American Revolution, also known as the Revolutionary War, was a war that had raged on for eight years stemming from major political differences of opinion. Though, the fighting and the discontent between the two opposing forces, Americans and British, had been developing for years before the first shots ever had gone off to start the revolution. The reasoning for the tension between the two is traced back to one of the main catalysts being the Stamp Act that was imposed on New England colonies, then to one of the last being The Boston Tea Party that ended with British war ships being sent to Boston with attempts to keep in under control. In the beginning, New England were colonies of the mother country Great Britain with main purposes for them to serve as vessels to provide for their main location across the Atlantic. In 1756, Great Britain was engaged in the Seven Years War, a world war, but mainly what is focused on for the American Revolution is the French and Indian war, which was fought on mainly American soil and primarily between British American and New French colonies. This specific conquest of the war had continued for nine years, and ended with approximately ten thousand British troops to be kept in American colonies, as well as accumulated as massive debt of seventy-two thousand pounds during the war, plus an added two hundred twenty-five thousand pound debt to house the British troops in American colonies. The prime minister at the time, George Grenville, needed a way to pay off this debt, which ultimately led to the Stamp Act of 1756 being imposed on the American colonies. The Stamp Act was not the first choice, but it was their final choice. The prime minister knew taxing in Britain was out of the question due to protests from the previous Cinder Tax set in place during the Bute ministry. The Grenville ministry had then decided that Parliament...
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