Social Analysis Project Proposal

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Sociology Pages: 4 (752 words) Published: March 14, 2015
Social Analysis Project Proposal
Bolun Wen
Sandy Shi

Submitted to: Prof. Amir H. Soheili-Mehr
GNED 500-130
Winter 2015

Social Analysis
Nowadays, there are many global problems happening day by day; It’s because of the developing of technologies and financial and some other reasons. My research topic is reasons and solutions about deforestations. Deforestation can be described as cutting down of trees for commercial purposes. Since the environment and society are connected each other deforestation is a social issue. Global warming, increase in level of greenhouse gases and soil erosion are some of the major effects of deforestation. Last September there was a UN Climate Summit held in New York where scores of countries, companies and non-profit organizations joined together to halve the deforestation by 2020 and completely eliminate it by 2030. This shows as the necessity to prevent deforestation. There are several ways to bring down the rate of deforestation which we will research in deep later in this project. The reason why Bolun Wen choose this topic is by accident. He said: At the beginning, I did not chose this topic, instead, I choose Global Warming as the topic. With the research of global warming, I found that an important reason that cause global warming is deforestation. Then, I found deforestation is way worse than I thought before, I thought trees can be cut down, but it can also grow, so things will be balanced. But during the simple research, things did not happen like what I used to think of, which is way worse.

Annotated Bibliography
Bolun Wen:
Deforestation. (2015). In Encyclopaedia Britannica. Retrieved from This reference shows the definition of deforestation as well as negative impacts of deforestation which are missing carbon, global warming, changing the structure of land. It also gives statics of...
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