So Many Countries, so Many Customs

Topics: Nation, Country, Sovereign state Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Every nation has its own customs and traditions. The combination of the words tradition and custom means a usual manner of doing something, a belief of principles, of conduct passing from generation to generation. All of them should be taken into notice, because they are in the key position for each country. To begin with, in the world of information where people from different countries have to communicate with each other having a command of foreign languages takes the first place. It helps people to extend their mental outlook, to know more about customs, habits, way of life of people from other countries. Secondly, all traditions and customs are really different. On the one hand, there are some which are famous all over the world. Bowler hats, drinking tea and talking about the weather, for example. Every person is aware that they are specific for the British. On the other hand, not all people know that the red color has an important, rooted meaning for the Chinese. It is a visual expression of happiness and joy. So it is their first consideration in all celebrations, including weddings. Even the bride`s home is decorated in red on the wedding day. In addition, the greater part of people prefers traveling during holidays. Sometimes between people of different nations during their communication emerge various misunderstandings about their conduct. If you don’t know some traditions of the country, it can lead to offences; it can even sow seeds of discord between nations. So before going somewhere abroad it’s better to learn at least the most important points of culture of the country. In conclusion, there are a lot of nations in the world and a great amount of different customs. Some of them can be beyond one’s mentality. But people should respect and claim their attention to all traditions, because they mean not only way of life, but also culture and history.
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