Snow White

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The Fairytale Ending

Within our society there are several things that influence views on morals and values, including parental figures and pop culture. From an early age children are exposed to these influences through stories and movies that describe fantasies, which inevitably influence those children’s views of the world. Snow White is a classic fairytale that most Americans have at some point been exposed to and that has several different messages that are imprinted on the people who watch or read it. One of the main fantasies within Snow White is that of happily ever after and what exactly this fantasy should look like. This fantasy is meant to provide an outline of what happiness looks like within society, the roles of the different genders, and how happiness can be attained. These intentions are clear based on the experiences of the characters and their reactions to the situations that the fantasy creates. This fantasy provides a benefit in identifying certain necessary morals and values within society, but is also flawed in creating excessive expectations and forcing certain ideas on individuals. There are several other fantasies within Snow White that seek to provide the same morals for society, such as the fantasy related to good and evil. This fantasy juxtaposes the ideas and characters that represent positive and negative role models for society.

“In Hollywood, both in the past and in the present, what decides whether or not a film will be made, ultimately, is whether or not a film will make money” (Davis 17). Typically, what kids want to see is a handsome prince and a beautiful princess that they want to grow up and be like. The lessons that are conveyed in Snow White by the fantasies of happily ever after and good vs. evil can have both positive and negative effects if society chooses to follow them. One of the positive gaains is that these fantasies create an idea that people can aspire too. The fantasy of happily ever after creates hope for individuals that they can achieve the fantasy and find the same feelings that are described within the fantasy. However, this can also be a negative consequence because it can create an unrealistic fantasy that can lead to disappointment and other negative feelings. For example, girls may look for princes of their own and refuse to take real opportunities because they are looking for a fantasy such as happily ever after, which might be unrealistic. Also individuals may find that their actions may not result in the same results as they do in an imaginary world such as the one Snow White resides in. Individuals that treat others with kindness may still find that those same people end up mistreating them in the real world. Another positive that can result from the development of the fantasy of happily ever after is that individuals who read or watch the story adopt some of the positive values that the fantasy portrays. Thus, ideas such as the value of friendships, the bad consequences of vanity and jealousy, and the benefits of love are entrenched in the minds of people who buy into the fantasy. These ideals are good to promote and can lead to better behavior between various members of society. People may become more mindful of not exhibiting traits such as jealousy and vanity, while at the same time trying to stress positive traits, such as kindness. Yet the adoption of these ideals can also have the negative consequence of restricting the values that people have and the ideas of what perfectly ever after should look like. Different people may have different values and different ideas of what happily ever after should appear as, and this portrayal of the fantasy restricts that. It can put women into certain gender roles and strictly define their value to society in an unequal way. For example, Snow White is allowed to stay with the dwarfs because she states that she can cook, which creates a stereotype about how woman should be able...
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