SMS TextSpeak Corrector: Proposed Study

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  • Published : August 2, 2012
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Student Name: Angelica M. Garing

Proposed Thesis Title: SMS TextSpeak Corrector

1.0Area of Investigation: The proposed study is a text messaging software for mobile phone that will help any mobile users. The proposed study came into the existence of problem that people are annoyed of receiving poorly spelled SMS messages, and because of this problem people sometimes have a wrong interpretation about the message especially the people did not understand short text style messaging. So that the proponents come up with the solution of creating a text messaging software that will help the mobile users to easily understand the purpose of the message in a better way. The proposed title SMS TextSpeak Corrector is developed to help the mobile users to easily convert or correct the message to the original normal words. It will correct the message when the user sent it to the recipient. So that the recipient will received the complete words of text message in his mobile phone.

2.0Reasons for Choice of Project: The proponents chose this project to be able to help the people especially the recipient to clearly understand the text message that they received from the sender. And to be able to help the mobile users to minimize the wrong interpretation about the text message and to minimize the JEJEMON style of texting that is very difficult to read.

3.0Importance of the Study: The proposed project will help the mobile user to correct or convert the text message. It will correct the poorly incoming message and translate it into the original normal words.

4.0Target Users and Beneficiaries: The target users and beneficiaries of this project are the mobile user and especially the recipient of the text message.

5.0Similarity with any Previous Study/ Project: As I have known, I haven’t encountered system like I’m proposing.
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