Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places

Topics: Passive smoking, Smoking, Tobacco Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places
Have you ever been out in public, and you inhaled a cloud of smoke from someone smoking? Smoking in public places should be banned; it not just only harms you as the smoker but also the people around you when you light up a cigarette. It is called Second- hand smoke. Second-hand smoke comes in two ways; side stream and mainstream. Many people may say that smoking should not be banned because it is a free country and that person can walk away or move. But as a government official you can stop the harm of innocent people by stopping smoking in public places.

I as a person who has severe asthma, do not like going to places and have to walk pass a person who smokes. It does not smell nice and make me feel too happy or ok. As a person who has severe asthma I do have family members who smoke, and they only smoke outside and in their car. They know how I feel when people smoke around me. So they make the assumption for other people in public places. It is reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that 21% of all adults (45 million) smoke in the United States. Smoking is not good for the person who is smoking a cigarette or to the person who is exposed to it. So cutting down the time that they smoke a day can save them from getting lung cancer or any other cancer. Banning smoking can save people from themselves, they will have less time to smoke and harm themselves and other people.

Smoking is a privilege not a right. So people who smoke should smoke in the comfort of their home because it is a privilege. Smoking should be put in the same category as sex. People would not have sex in public places. They would do that in the privacy of their home, not walking down a street, or in a restaurant.

Moreover, full banning on smoking may cause an economic scare for the government. The sales of cigarettes are bound to suffer with such a ban and the government will lose revenue from excise duties. The tobacco...
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