Smoking Habits

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Chapter I


Smoking is a very rampant habit among people nowadays, particularly among college students. About 90% of all smokers started as teen smokers. Smoking has a lot of effect to our body and to the behaviour of the smoker as well as to our environment. Scientist has proven that smoking can cause a lot of complications including asthma, lung cancer and stomach cancer. Smoking can also cause improvement in reaction and processing time because nicotine is a psychomotor stimulant and students is using it as a reason to continue smoking.

There are many reasons why college student smokes. Stress is one of the reasons why student smokes. Students are saying that when they smoke they feel relieve in stress and other things that is destructing their mind. Family problem and influence, some are smoking because of what they have seen in their family. Peer pressure, students gets involve into smoking because of their friends teasing them to try smoking and they get addicted to it once they try it.

It is in this regard that the researchers have taken step to determine the cause and effect of the smoking habit of the students at AMA Computer College-Bacolod for the Second Semester of School Year 2012-2013.

Statement of the Problem


Specifically, it aims to answer the following the questions:

1. What are the reasons why students smoke and what are its effect to its health and behaviour.

Null hypothesis

The cause and effect of the smoking habit of the students at AMA Computer College-Bacolod.

Conceptual Framework

According to the study conducted by Jerry Shaw (2010), nearly all cases of first time smoking use to take place before a person finishes high school, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS). The younger people are when they begin to smoke, the more likely they will become adult smokers. Almost three out of four regular smokers in high school have already tried and failed to quit, the ACS says. Smoking at a young age can set up a person for smoking-related illnesses, such as heart disease and lung problems, earlier in life.

Teenagers may smoke because they want to fit in with a particular group at school, the Mayo Clinic says. Friends can be very convincing at getting other friends to smoke. This may be particularly true when a girlfriend or boyfriend smokes, and the teen may feel threatened by losing the relationship if he or she doesn't take up smoking.

Teens are more likely to smoke if their parents smoke, according to the Mayo Clinic. Discipline and setting rules are important for parents. Parents who make strong restrictions against smoking are more likely to have teens who do not smoke, or they tend to smoke less. They may be tempted to smoke, but will not do it around the home, thus reducing chances of becoming regular smokers.

The Schematic Diagram of the Conceptual Framework of this study is illustrated in the subsequent

Figure 1

Schematic Diagram

Scope and Limitation

This study will be conducted at AMA Computer College-Bacolod. This study will only focus on the students with smoking habit during the second Semester of School Year 2012-2013.

The duration of the study is limited to one semester, the second semester of school year 2012-2013.

This study will determine the cause and effect of the smoking habit of AMA Computer College students. This will also determine the effect of the students smoking habit to their teachers, their academic performance and the behaviour they practice within their classes.

Significance of the Study

This study will benefit the following:

Administrators: this study will give the administrator the idea on how to treat the students with a smoking habit.

Instructors: this study can...
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