Awareness on Second Hand Smoke and How It Affects Health

Topics: Smoking, Tobacco, Lung cancer Pages: 19 (3892 words) Published: March 4, 2013


Manabat, Leandro Mari
Monteverde, Angelo Seigfreid
Paglinawan, Al Mayo Sandino
Pedero, Miguel John
Pile, Kevin Timothy

Submitted to:
Prof. Jefferson Aquino

Faculty of Arts and Letters
University of Santo Tomas

Oct. 5, 2011


The purpose of this study is to know whether or not the students of the University of Santo Tomas are aware of second hand smoking and how it affects health. Second hand smoking is the involuntary or unconscious inhalation of smoke produced by tobacco products by nonsmokers and it is dangerous to the health. We will conduct a survey from 100 University of Santo Tomas students to find out if they are aware on the subject of second hand smoke, how it affects health, and who are affected.

List of Tables4
Chapter I: Background of the Study5
Statement of the Problem6
Scope and limitations6
Definition of Terms6
Chapter II: Review of Related Literature8
Chapter III: Methodology9
Research Design9
Data Gathering Instruments and Techniques9
Statistical Treatment10
Chapter IV: Presentation of Findings and Analysis11
Chapter V: Conclusions and Recommendations25
About the Authors:27

List of Tables

Table 1: Do you smoke?11
Table 2: Do you know someone who smokes?11
Table 3: Are you bothered with second hand smoke?12
Table 4: Are you aware of the effects of second hand smoke?12 Table 5: Who do you think are the most affected by second hand smoke?13 Table 6: What do you think are the risk health effects secondhand smoke towards children?13 Table 7: What do you think are the effects on behavior due to exposure to second hand smoke?14 Table 8: How does smoking affect relationship between parents and their children?15 Table 9: How does secondhand smoke affect pregnant women?16 Table 10: Are you aware that Secondhand Smoking includes making platelets stickier, causing inflammation, reducing HDL cholesterol levels, increasing LDL cholesterol levels, and increasing insulin resistance in only a few minutes of exposure?17 Table 11: Are you aware that even when smoking indoors with windows open or in open air areas, the studies prove that the smoke still reaches other people from a distance and is can be affected by it?17 Table 12: Where do you reside in?18

Table 13: In the place where you reside, there are:19
Table 14: What can you say about your place’s health condition?19 Table 15: Are you satisfied with the existing policies concerning smoking?20 Table 16: How would you estimate the success rate of people quitting on smoking?21 Table 17: Do you Want to Stop/Prevent Second hand Smoking?21 Table 18: Which of the following would you suggest on how to prevent secondhand smoking?22 Table 19: We want your opinion. Is there anything else you would like to add to our understanding of the subject of second hand smoking? Add any comments regarding any of the topics from the survey questions.23

Chapter I: Background of the Study

For years it has been the concern, mainly by the government, how to prevent cigarette smoking. Smoking does not only concern cigarettes but also such other kinds of tobacco products. Smoking as a fact nowadays to be a source of lung diseases; apparently, cigarette manufacturers were mandated by law to include in every pack of cigarette the lines “Government Warning: cigarette smoking can kill”, “Government Warning: cigarette smoking is addictive”, and as we all know, there are also a lot of advertisements which advocate tobacco smoking prevention, or rather, persuasion to stop smoking --- The government has thought of this as an effective yet inexpensive way to prevent smoking. But with the growing number of smokers from time...
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