Smoking Cigarettes - Outline

Topics: Nicotine, Tobacco, Tobacco smoking Pages: 5 (1178 words) Published: April 20, 2012
“Smoking Cigarettes isn’t the Solution”
A. Attention: What happens when you let smoking tobacco become an addiction? How can it affect you and relatives around you? Why should you quit smoking?  
B. Purpose: Today I will discuss with you the impacts smoking tobacco products can have on you and how what your habit can’t affect your family members.  
C. Central Idea: People should quit smoking and using tobacco.  
D. Preview of Main Points:
1. Main Point: Need: How smoking cigarettes becomes an addiction and in the end can lead to health issues and death. 2. Main Point: Satisfaction: How we can decrease the number of people smoking 3. Main Point: Visualization: What the world would look like if people did stop smoking 4. Main Point: Action: What people can do to stop smoking cigarettes.  

TRANSITION STATEMENT AND SIGNPOST: As most of you may already know, smoking cigarettes, a type of tobacco product, is very addictive.  
A. Main Point: Need: How smoking cigarettes becomes an addiction and in the end can lead to health issues and death.  
1. Sub-Point: Cigarettes have a addictive substance in them called Nicotine. They also contain flavorful additives. a. About 23% of men and 18% of women smoke in the USA.
2. Sub-Point: The effects of cigarettes on your health.
a. Cigarettes account for approximately 440,000 deaths every year b. In most cases of new smokers, when that person smokes 3-4 cigarettes a day, they tend to keep that addiction over the next 30-40 years of their lives. 3. Sub-Point: Results of smoking

a. Smoking cigarettes increases the chance of heart disease, cancer and stroke b.The chance of getting lung cancer in men goes up nearly 23 times and in women goes up to 13 times as compared to non smokers. c. Also the average smoker spends around 1,000 to 1,500 dollars a year buying cigarettes.  

          TRANSITION STATEMENT AND SIGNPOST: Tobacco Control Policies are at the heart of preventing and reducing the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S.  
                     B. Main Point: Satisfaction: How we can decrease the number of people smoking.  
   1. Sub-point: In first half of 2009, Congress gave FDA authority to regulate tobacco products and also increased federal cigarette tax.          a. FDA now regulates how tobacco companies can market, manufacture, and sell their deadly goods.          b. Congress increased the Federal Tobacco Tax by an additional 62 cents. This will especially help curb youth smoking rates.  

   2. Sub-point: Clean Indoor Air Act: regulates and controls smoking in certain public places and workplaces.          a. Smoke Free Air Challenge: calls on all 50 states to pass laws prohibiting smoking in public places. Currently 27 states and District of Columbia have met this challenge.          b. June 2009: Federal Smoke Free Workplace Act introduced to prohibit smoking in government buildings and workplaces        

   3. Sub-Point: Creation of new legislation which expands tobacco cessation coverage under Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance plans.                                  a. insurance coverage for 7 medications including over the counter and prescription nicotine replacement therapies and 2 non nicotine prescription drugs.                                     b. insurance coverage for counseling to include 4 individual or group therapy sessions lasting no less than 10 minutes each.  

C. Main Point: Visualization:  What the world would look like if people did stop smoking  
1. Sub-Point: The amount of smoking related deaths would dramatically decrease. a.   Like I said earlier there are approximately 440,000 deaths each year due to cigarette use, in a world where no one smoked that be an incredibly large decrease in the death ratio every year. b.     Also Lung Cancer, one of the most common problems amongst smokers, would no longer be a problem and would result in...
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