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The smile is the small changes in the facial expression of the person . there is a proverb says :- if you laugh every body will laugh with you , but if you cry you will cry alone. we have to spend our life with smile ,cheerfully,happily without any regrets, because this life like a station that we need only to have the enough and a good quality of fuel that could help us to be happy forever in our next (permanent) life. in some religious books told us the smile to the face of your brother is alms . please see if you smile will earn alms , also you will plant the happiness with others life especially the persons who is taking care of you , likes you , and loves you . i know somebody will say that some of the situations will force you to stop your smile , i will say to him yes ,you are right but that situation should not stop your smile for a long time . may be you do not know that your smile is important and somebody is waiting to see your smile from time to time , that somebody may be the nearest person to you , and may be your smile could make that person happy or sad , so please do not stop your smile in the sake for those persons happiness . See what the result of your smile , you will share (participate) in the happiness of the most peoples that you are praying for them to have their happiness . i am not telling to you not to pray for their happiness but with your praying you have also to keep your smile in your face because even you pray and you did not show them your smile they will not be happy , because you are the most important person for them . NOTE :- I am not telling to you to pretend in your smile but you need to show your real smile that comes from your heart . Do you know that the main center of the smile is your heart , so please no need to pretend that your happy through your face and you are sad from inside . at the same time you have to be true with your self , also with the person whom you trust because may be...
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