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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Hui ka hung 201023025H

A MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test for Lee Ka Shing

Brief introduction of the test

As we all know Lee Ka Shing , the legend , who are the big head of one of the greatest company in HK or even in the world. In another word , he is now leader companies with numerous employees . No one would doubt about his leadership in leading so many people and keep searching and fighting for a more better higher success. When the group is bigger that means the difficulty in leading the team is harder but not just require the resources and power of the leader. It is more about the personalities of the leader himself. We want to know what is in the Lee’s spirit, that he can take over the whole organization and run it so greatly. So we try to have a test for him according to decision he made in the past . Through the test we want to find out the characteristic that he can remain success and won different wars with his team.

With no doubt , we want to know that what are the unique characters that may affect Lee’s leadership style and influence his team. We think that it is more about a tradition that the company keep Lee’s knowledge and skills in doing their business. The team and even the whole company were trained like Lee .The MBTI test it is a assessment that testing people about their perception of the world and how they would react to problems and questions. Briefly it helps to find out people’s character deep in their mind which is real and realistic . Sometimes people may not understand clearly about themselves but we this time tried it in a different way , see whether it would tell us the character of the man when his decision were made. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can help and also try to find out what position or work that best suit the special one.

Analysis of MBTI of Lee ka Shing

At First ,we want to test out whether Lee is a more extrovert or introvert people. From the case and his story, we know that he was rather a...
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